First Important Plant Areas in Turkey book published

FFI is proud that its work documenting Turkey’s most botanically rich areas has now been published.

Turkey’s first ever book on Important Plant Areas (IPAs) has recently been published in English. The book was first published in Turkish and is the result of the collaboration between many organisations including FFI and WWF.

Turkey is home to nearly 9,000 species of plant; amazingly over 3,000 are found nowhere else in the world. This book is a vital inventory of the country’s 122 key botanically rich sites, from forest to steppe to montane habitats.

In the early 2000s FFI and the Turkish Society for the Conservation of Nature (DHKD) led the collation of data on IPAs which underpins this book, with vital support from WWF.

This book is a fundamental building block for effective protection of Turkey’s threatened botanical diversity. Conservationists in Turkey can now use the book to guide their vital work.

“Fauna & Flora International is happy to have been involved with the development of this book, which is arguably one of the best inventories done anywhere on Earth,“ said Mark Rose, CEO of FFI in the preface of the book.

“The collaboration between scientists, conservation organisations and Turkey’s universities has been inspiring and I look forward to this first Important Plant Area book being used as a template to develop other tools to protect plants and habitats across the world.”

To order an English or Turkish version of the book, email [email protected] or phone +90 (0)212 528 20 30.

Photo credits: A I Gokcen, A Byfield,