FFI misrepresented in controversial Cross River State superhighway report

It has been brought to our attention that the names of Fauna & Flora International (FFI) and FFI’s Director of Conservation Science have been included in a Biodiversity Action Plan report produced by Nigerian environmental consultancy PGM Nigeria Limited in relation to the proposed construction of the controversial Cross River State superhighway.

FFI and our Director of Conservation Science are named – at several points in the documentation – as stakeholders and advisers in the compilation of the report. Reference is also made to FFI’s participation in a related stakeholder workshop in Calabar.

We wish to state categorically that FFI has at no stage been involved in this project, either as an adviser or stakeholder, or in any other capacity. FFI’s only connection with the proposed superhighway construction is to have objected to it in the strongest possible terms, by way of an official letter of complaint signed by our Director of Conservation Science and our Chief Executive.

Given that FFI has no other connection with the project, we are concerned that our name has been used – either wilfully or mistakenly – to lend credibility to the proposed development.

We take very seriously any misuse of FFI’s name – deliberate or otherwise – that could imply endorsement of an activity that directly undermines our mission to conserve threatened biodiversity and ecosystems, and we are taking further measures to safeguard FFI’s reputation and brand in this case.