FFI launches new tree and primate initiative in northern Vietnam

It will also lead us to new sites with the endangered Francois’ and Phayre’s langurs, as well as threatened magnolia and conifers.

In total, the programme will cover eleven target sites in northern Vietnam, most of which are in an area referred to as the northern highlands limestone corridor. The areas of critical primate populations significantly overlap with threatened tree populations.

FFI will partner with local organisations to survey the various threatened species. We will then consult local communities to develop species action plans.

We aim to establish community-based conservation teams that protect habitat of the primate species. We will also train protected area staff in ways to encourage community participation.

Nearly half of all conifer species in Vietnam can be found in the northern highlands limestone priority corridor including seven globally threatened species.

For example, the critically endangered Vietnamese golden cypress can only be found in the mountain ridges of mountains of northern Ha Giang Province.

Flagship species can act as umbrellas for broader conservation values. Focusing on charismatic or clearly identifiable flagship species can raise the interest and awareness of local communities and relevant government agencies. That’s an important first step in addressing conservation needs.