FFI launches ‘Gibbon Month’ in China

FFI China has teamed up with WildChina Film and the China Wildlife Conservation Association to launch the “2009 Month of Chinese Gibbon Conservation”. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the urgent need to protect these unique and highly threatened primates.

Gibbons are the smallest among the four of the world’s apes and the only ape in China. China contains six species of gibbons, all of which are listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. In fact the Hainan Gibbon, which can only be found on Hainan Island, is considered the most endangered primate in the world!

The opening “Gibbon Month” event was held at Beijing Zoo, where experts spoke on the state of gibbons in China and the awe-inspiring beauty of the gibbon’s haunting call. Young schoolchildren also presented their paintings of gibbons, which were created for the FFI-organised art competition. The campaign will travel around China to Yunnan, Guangxi and Hainan Provinces to garner further support for gibbon conservation.

Find out how FFI is working to save gibbons in China and beyond.