FFI croc protector on BBC Wildlife Diary

FFI’s work to save one of the world’s most endangered crocodiles is currently being showcased on the BBC Wildlife Fund’s “Wildlife Diary”. The Siamese crocodile programme was supported by the Fund through the BBC series Saving Planet Earth in 2007.

Adam Starr, Programme Co-ordinator for FFI’s Cambodian Crocodile Conservation Programme, sheds light on the excitement and challenges of protecting this rare reptile:

January 2009 Wildlife Diary

I first learned about the plight of the Siamese crocodiles several years ago, when working with communities on the Mekong River to conserve Irrawaddy Dolphins. Local fishermen told me there used to be crocodiles in the river, but they had disappeared long ago.

In November 2008, I joined the Cambodian Crocodile Conservation Programme (CCCP), which is co-run by Fauna & Flora International and the Cambodian Government. One of oldest established species initiatives in the country, this programme dates back to 2000, when Dr Jenny Daltry of FFI and Mr Cheang Dany of Cambodia’s Forestry Administration rediscovered the ‘extinct’ Siamese crocodiles in Cambodia.

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