Fauna & Flora International continues to support China’s earthquake relief effort

Since the devastating 6.9 magnitude earthquake on April 14, the FFI China team has been working tirelessly purchasing and transporting rescue materials to areas most in need. Along with other organisations in the Province, FFI has so far provided tents, quilts, warm clothes and food to locals living in Marong village, Lajie village and Zhaxidatong village.

The Province continues to endure winter weather; local people are facing the real threat of freezing to death, with snow and cold winds plunging temperatures to minus 5°C some days.

“The earthquake rescue action at our project sites has finished phase one.” said Zhaxi Wengxiu FFI’s team leader (pictured right).

“In the following weeks we will keep in contact with our partners at project sites in Yushu County to collect information on their further needs.”

The team will also visit FFI Community Grassland Project sites in May to evaluated earthquake damage and Zhang Yingyi, FFI China Programme Director, will meet with Zhaxi to prepare a plan for our involvement in the post-earthquake reconstruction.

FFI’s work on the Tibetan Plateau is generously funded by the UK’s Big Lottery Fund and Anglo American.

If you can, do please help us with the reconstruction work and donate to FFI’s China Earthquake Emergency Appeal.

Photo credits: Rachel Austin/ FFI