Fauna & Flora International commits to promoting human rights in conservation

Fauna & Flora International is a founder member of the recently launched Conservation Initiative on Human Rights (CIHR) that aims to promote increased integration of human rights in conservation.

Together with Birdlife International, Conservation InternationalIUCNThe Nature ConservancyWetlands InternationalWildlife Conservation Society and WWF we commit to upholding an agreed set of human rights principles.

CIHR members have come together because of a common interest in promoting positive links between conservation and rights of people to secure their livelihoods, enjoy healthy and productive environments and live with dignity.

We believe that by working collectively we can better advance our work in this field. Over the next two years we will jointly develop a programme of collaborative learning on how to implement these principles within our work.

CIHR Principles

1. Respect human rights
Respect internationally proclaimed human rights and make sure that we do not contribute to infringements of human rights while pursuing our mission.

2. Promote human rights within conservation programmes
Support and promote the protection and realization of human rights within the scope of our conservation programmes.

3. Protect the vulnerable
Make special efforts to avoid harm to those who are vulnerable to infringements of their rights and to support the protection and fulfilment of their rights within the scope of our conservation programmes.

4. Encourage good governance
Support the improvement of governance systems that can secure the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities in the context of our work on conservation and sustainable natural resource use, including elements such as legal, policy and institutional frameworks, and procedures for equitable participation and accountability.

Find out more on the CIHR website.