Fauna & Flora International and BHP Billiton sign landmark agreement

Fauna & Flora International (FFI) and BHP Billiton have today announced the signing of a landmark agreement that will provide a strong platform for sustainable land use planning in the Murung Raya district of central Kalimantan and contribute to the preservation of a threatened orang-utan population.

“This project will ensure significant support for biodiversity conservation. Today sees a big win for the Murang Raya district and an important step in the conservation of the area’s orang-utan population,” said Mr Mark Rose, CEO, Fauna & Flora International.

“This is an exciting opportunity to demonstrate best practice land use and the collaboration between business and biodiversity.”

The agreement will see FFI undertake a number of key activities including a study to strengthen land use planning capacity and identifying conservation priorities and sustainable development options for the Murung Raya region; supporting orang-utan conservation; building local leaders conservation capacity; and developing relationships with new funding partners.