Important news for threatened forests – Disney launches global paper policy

Implementation of the new policy will ensure that paper used throughout the Company’s supply chain does not come from ‘unwanted sources’ such as High Conservation Value Areas, It will minimise overall paper-use and will increase recovery of used paper for recycling.

The policy will extend to thousands of Disney’s products and suppliers globally. Its launch follows an intensive period of both internal and external consultation, including collaboration with the Rainforest Action Network (RAN).

Rebecca Tarbottom, Executive Director of the Rainforest Action Network stated, “We commend Disney for adding its significant voice to the growing chorus of companies demonstrating that there’s no need to sacrifice endangered forests or animals for the paper we use every day. This policy will have a particularly important impact in Indonesia, the primary place where rainforests are still being cut down for pulp and paper.”

Sumatran tiger. Credit: Evan Bowen-Jones/FFI

The Sumatran tiger – survival of this critically endangered species depends on conservation of its forest habitat. Credit: Evan Bowen-Jones/FFI

The launch of this policy is an important step towards sustainability in global paper supply chains – one which we hope will raise the bar and stimulate further companies to take such positive action. It is the latest example of Disney’s long-standing commitment to wildlife conservation. The Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund has been supporting grassroots conservation projects globally for the last twenty years, and has been collaborating with Fauna & Flora International (FFI) for the majority of this period. In Indonesia, the Fund is supporting FFI and partners to work with local communities to protect vital forest habitat of the Sumatran tiger, and to support community livelihoods.

“This exciting paper policy further exemplifies Disney’s commitment to biodiversity conservation,” remarks Katie Frohardt, Executive Director of FFI in the United States, “and we applaud them for their commitment and leadership.”