Cracking success as 18 Siamese crocodiles hatch

In May 2012, Fauna & Flora International reported that its survey team in Cambodia had unearthed a nest containing 20 Siamese crocodile eggs.

In an exciting development, the team now reports that 18 of the eggs have hatched – welcome news for this Critically Endangered species, which has seen numbers in the wild decline to an estimated 250 individuals.

After receiving news from the community crocodile wardens that the eggs were beginning to hatch, the Cambodian Crocodile Conservation Programme’s Mr Hor Leng returned to the nest to investigate…

18 of the 20 crocodile eggs hatch.

A hatchling emerges from its egg.

Empty egg shells in the nest

A nest full of empty shells.

Mr Hor Leng with hatchlings.

Mr Hor Leng meets the new arrivals.

Baby Siamese crocs.

Baby Siamese crocs.

Temporary home.

A temporary home is made for the hatchlings, while the Community Wardens quickly build a more permanent enclosure.

Building enclosure.

A semi-permanent enclosure is built in the village to keep the crocodiles safe from predators...

Building enclosure.

...the hatchlings will be kept here until they are at least 12 months old, giving them a better chance of survival when they are released back into the wild.

Blessing the enclosure.

The new crocodile enclosure is blessed by the community, with offerings made to give protection for these little crocodiles.