Conservation Leadership Programme celebrates 25 years

Last month the Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) hosted a special evening in Cambridge, where the programme was conceived and initiated back in 1985, to celebrate its 25th Anniversary.

The CLP is a partnership that brings together four leading international conservation organisations, including Fauna & Flora International (FFI), that share a common concern for, and a commitment to, our natural environment and its constituent biodiversity.

“In 25 years, the CLP has granted over 500 awards for conservation research and action on-the-ground.” said Stuart Paterson, CLP Programme Coordinator for FFI.

“The conservationists supported by the programme have achieved some outstanding successes – from discovering new species to setting up new protected areas. It’s always exciting to anticipate what the next big achievement might be!”

From humble beginnings, the CLP has gone on to support 2,500 conservationists and provided valuable project funding.

The stars of the evening were three CLP award winners, Gao Yufang, Haitham Ibrahim and Blanca Huertas who gave first-hand accounts of how the CLP has made a difference for them and for conservation in their home countries.

Budding conservationists, Gao Yufang, is only an undergraduate but he is already being recognised as one of the great prospects for conservation in China and he was highly commended for his presentation at the Student Conference on Conservation Science.

CLP recognised Gao’s potential in 2009 and awarded him an internship to work with one of the partners, Wildlife Conservation Society, to conduct studies on the burning issue of human-wildlife conflict.

“It’s amazing to see how the programme has grown in the last 25 years. It was wonderful to have such a range of people – from students to award winners and long-time programme supporters – all under one roof. Here’s to 25 more successful years!”

Robyn Dalzen, CLP Executive Manager