Conservation Leadership Programme announces 2009 Team Conservation Awards

The Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) is proud to announce the winners of the 2009 Team Conservation Awards. This year, the Programme granted 29 awards to research teams in 12 different countries with support totaling $500,000 ((£327,000).

“The awards offered by the CLP provide a launching pad for young professionals who are just beginning a career in the field of environmental conservation.” said Robyn Dalzen, CLP Executive Manager. “Through this program, we are building the capabilities of future leaders and providing them with knowledge, skills and experience to address the most pressing conservation issues of our time.”

The CLP supports the vital work of a new generation of rising conservation professionals who are leading a number of diverse, practical projects – from developing an education center to promote the conservation of important bird areas in Brazil, to protecting freshwater turtles in China, community-based conservation of an endangered tree species in Egypt, and dugong conservation in the Comoros and Madagascar. The programme is a partnership between FFI, BP, BirdLife International, Conservation International and the Wildlife Conservation Society.

As part of this year’s award, winning teams are invited to send a representative to Beijing, China to attend an introductory training course that will be held in conjunction with the Society for Conservation Biology’s Annual Meeting. The training and conference will run from 27 June to 16 July. BP has this year confirmed its commitment to a further three years of funding, totaling US$6 mil (£4mil).

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