Celebrations to commemorate community’s first turtle hatchlings release

Our Nicaraguan turtle programme has celebrated yet another release of hatchery-reared turtles. A turtle egg hatchery which FFI Nicaragua helped to construct and manage in the Pacific coastal town of Astillero has recently released its first turtle hatchlings back into the wild.

In addition to the hatchery, FFI is helping Astillero community members to diversify income though turtle tourism to reduce their dependence on the harvest of turtle eggs.

The Astillero community organised a day-long event with FFI support to mark the hatchling release – here are some photos of the celebrations.

Notice the picture of a turtle hatching out of an egg on the children’s t-shirts. It’s the logo of the “Yo no como huevos de tortuga” (I don’t eat turtle eggs) FFI awareness raising campaign which aims to reduce demand for turtle eggs. Leatherback and olive ridley turtle are severely threatened by the illegal poaching of their eggs from their beach nests.