Cargill palm oil plantation certified sustainable

The first Cargill palm oil plantation has been certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). The certification of PT Hindoli in Sumatra demonstrates the company’s commitment to the principles of sustainable palm oil production. FFI would like to congratulate Cargill on this major milestone.

FFI has been working with Cargill since 2006 in an effort to protect high value conservation forest – critical for orang-utan survival – in West Kalimantan, where Cargill has plantations. The partnership has been highly successful. It has funded surveys which not only help to map locations of important orang-utan habitat but which also discovered two previously unknown orang-utan populations.  In fact, the US Government is investigating the partnership as a best practice example of private-public partnership on sustainable palm oil.

FFI is also a member of the body that certified the Cargill plantation, RSPO. The RSPO brings together companies at all levels of the palm oil supply chain, financial institutions and conservation and development organisations to promote environmentally and socially sustainable production of palm oil.

RSPO certification requires the plantation to adhere to the agreed Principles and Criteria, which include full transparency, minimising environmental impacts and ensuring local communities are fully consulted in plantation activities.

Cargill is working to achieve certification of all its plantations, two of which are in Indonesia and three in Papua New Guinea. FFI will continue to support them in these efforts.