Artist pledges to donate proceeds to support conservation work in Sumatra

Australian artist Janet Laurence has pledged to donate the entire proceeds from the sale of her Fabled 2011 collection towards Fauna & Flora International’s conservation work in Aceh, Indonesia.

These beautiful prints depict Sumatra’s wildlife in its natural state, captured unaware by motion-detecting camera traps. Laurence draws out the inherent tension implicit in a wild encounter and catches the animals’ different reactions to technology in a wild landscape.

Fabled collection

Janet Laurence's Fabled 2011 collection

Janet Laurence is one of Australia’s most accomplished contemporary artists. Her work can be found in Australian state galleries and has been shown in critically acclaimed exhibitions around the world. Her work also features in many of Australia’s most influential corporate art collections and she has sold pieces to several of Australia’s artistic luminaries, including Baz Luhrmann.

Laurence’s permanent work is on display outside the Museum of Sydney, and adjacent to Sydney’s Botanic Gardens.

Janet Laurence’s After Eden, commissioned by Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, explores themes of disappearing habitat and irreversible species loss and features footage and images taken during a visit to projects managed by Fauna & Flora International in Banda Aceh, Indonesia.

Five pieces have already been sold, but the remaining seven prints are available for individual sale from Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation – contact Aaron de Souza to request a viewing and arrange a purchase.