The deeply troubling events that we have witnessed in the US have rightly prompted global reflection and a conversation about racism in contemporary society.

We must be absolutely clear: racism has no place in society and no place in conservation and Fauna & Flora International (FFI) stands with civil society in calling for an end to racism wherever it occurs.

As an organisation we strive to be actively inclusive in our practices, not only because we know that successful conservation outcomes can only be achieved when working alongside and supporting local and indigenous communities, but also because we fundamentally believe that’s the right thing to do.

Our many years of experience have taught us that conservation firmly led by local communities works best for those communities, including indigenous communities, and we have a deep and ongoing commitment to working in this way.

From Kenya, to Nicaragua, Mozambique to Cambodia, our staff are there to support local communities and to respond to the needs of those communities in order to achieve the most positive outcomes for nature and for livelihoods.

We value diversity, we are committed to equity of opportunity, and to learning and improving as an organisation and this includes making sure that FFI reflects the wider society in which we live and work.

New voices bring fresh perspectives that are essential to delivering progress and improvement, and we will be examining what more we can do to ensure a diversity of voices guide our work.

The promise we make as conservationists is to endeavour to leave behind a better world than the one we inherited. A world without racism is essential to this mission.