The world is facing its gravest crisis for a generation. The health, social, political and economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic will reverberate long after the last restrictions are lifted. History shows us that global shocks rearrange established orders, and our post-pandemic world will be no exception. Visions will compete and the future will be up for grabs. Organisations such as Fauna & Flora International (FFI) have a unique opportunity to ensure that the stewardship of nature – for human and planetary benefit – is placed at the centre of these new visions for the world. The natural world is at a crisis point. We will be using our experience, knowledge and relationships to ensure nature has a leading seat at the table as the pandemic recovery gets underway.


The safety of FFI staff and the communities in which we work is paramount during this global crisis. Our staff are following the guidelines of the countries in which they work, which means that for the majority of our conservationists, field-based work is on hold. Our mission, however, is as important as ever and valuable work – from providing technical advice to communities from a distance to strategic planning for a post-Covid 19 world – continues. When restrictions are lifted our teams around the world will be primed and ready to help communities recover from any livelihood or other impacts created by the pandemic.

"We are all facing a difficult and uncertain time...[and while] this uncertainty can breed anxiety and hopelessness…it can also reveal opportunities for reflection and connection, and encourage us to change our thinking about how we interact with our planet."
Mark Rose Chief Executive Officer

Read the full statement from our Chief Executive Mark Rose

FFI Partner Crisis Support Fund

In response to the unprecedented conditions facing global conservation FFI has established a crisis fund – the FFI Partner Crisis Support Fund – to raise and distribute funds to partner conservation organisations around the world. The income streams of many in-country NGOs have been severely affected by the crisis at a time when threats to habitats and species is rising. Unsupported, there is a risk that conservation groups will not be able to make it through this crisis. So far the Partner Crisis Support Fund has raised and distributed more than $1 million for organisations and communities in 14 countries. We will be raising and distributing more funds in the weeks and months ahead to ensure more organisations survive this crisis and to provide a foundation for community recovery once the pandemic is over.


We can’t ensure a thriving, nature-rich post-pandemic world on our own. We need your help. Right now this means following your government’s guidelines to stop the spread of the virus, protect lives and communities. The sooner we get out of this, the sooner we can get back to protecting the natural world. We are, however, going to emerge into a fragmented world where the future is up for grabs. Your support will help us make the case for putting nature at the centre of that future as it is shaped.