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Brown Bear. © Piotr Krzeslak / Adobe Stock

Brown Bear. © Piotr Krzeslak / Adobe Stock

Help save Europe's brown bears from extinction

Please donate

Please help save brown bears

Your gift could help pay for livestock guarding dogs to prevent fatal human-bear conflict

Glorious giants under pressure as they face continued persecution

Brown bears are one of the world’s most iconic creatures, yet centuries of persecution have seen them wiped out across much of Europe. 

Most European brown bears have taken refuge in the dense forests of Romania, finding some semblance of safety amongst the trees. But unless we take action now, they could soon find themselves facing the same sorry fate as their kin. 

Please donate now and help put an end to fatal human-bear conflict. With your support, we can take the action desperately needed to help save brown bears. 


Could help buy an electric fence, stopping bears wandering into an area where they'd come into severe danger.

Carpathian sheepdog puppy © Daniel Mîrlea / Fauna & Flora


Could pay for the pet food needed to raise a Carpathian sheepdog puppy - an ancient breed who will keep bears away from livestock.


Could help provide a tranquiliser dart - used by specialist vets to subdue bears in danger before they are relocated to safer areas.

© Daniel Mîrlea / Fauna & Flora


Could help pay for replacement car parts, as off-road vehicles are worn out travelling to remote areas where bears are most common.

What is the biggest threat to brown bears? 

Habitat destruction has traditionally been a major threat to brown bears. Logging, mining, road construction and other development has wreaked havoc throughout brown bear habitats and seen their populations slashed. Snares set throughout the forests cause further death and injury.

Poaching and hunting for sport has also played a major role in seeing brown bears disappear from most of Europe. 

In Romania, where 40% of Europe’s brown bears have taken refuge, human-wildlife conflict is putting increasing pressure on bear populations. There is even plans for the arbitrary culling of these bears, which experts agree is not an effective way of preventing damages to livestock and orchards. 

Three legged bear who lost a leg to snaring © Daniel Mîrlea

A wild three legged bear who lost a limb to a snare, but managed to recover. Most bears who fall victim aren't so lucky.

What is Fauna & Flora doing to save brown bears? 

Fauna & Flora is working alongside farmers and local communities in Romania to help prevent deadly human-wildlife conflict and ensure local people can coexist peacefully with brown bears. 

But we need your help. 

Through your donations, Fauna & Flora can put vital measures in place so that bears and farmers can live side-by-side, putting an end to the unnecessary killing of these creatures. 

What do we need? 

We need to purchase livestock guarding dogs who can help to deter bears from farmer’s land, keeping them safe from humans. 

In addition, we could purchase electric fencing that prevents bears from accessing farmer’s land and killing livestock. This would in turn reduce retaliatory or anticipatory killings of these animals. 

Once these measures are in place, brown bears will be safe to roam freely and without fear. 

Romania sheep dog puppy. © Daniel Mîrlea / Fauna & Flora

Romania sheep dog puppy. © Daniel Mîrlea / Fauna & Flora

Donations are critically important for purchasing livestock guarding dogs that could put an end to the needless killing of brown bears.

How could my donation save brown bears? 

If we’re going to scale up our work to help protect brown bears in Romania, we are in urgent need of your support. Your donation could help buy more livestock guarding dogs and fencing so that we can help to protect farmers’ land, putting an end to the poisoning and poaching of brown bears by livestock owners. 

Your donations could also fund staff training, so they can carry out crucial work alongside local communities, helping to ensure sustainable practices are used that mean critically important brown bear habitats remain safe from destruction. 

Why Fauna & Flora? 

As the world’s oldest international conservation organisation, Fauna & Flora has over 120 years of experience working to protect threatened species, including over 20 years of supporting conservation in Romania alone. 

In order to see brown bear populations flourish across Europe, our understanding of local communities and our extensive experience working alongside them will be invaluable. But your support is essential. 

Please donate now, and together we could save these beautiful beasts. 

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