Rhino appeal – please donate today – aw

Support rangers to stop rhino poaching

Right now, there are just two northern white rhinos left – and both are female. This is what happens when poaching goes unchecked.

It may already be too late for the northern white rhino, but every pound you give is crucial to the survival of the remaining rhinos.

It’s hard to believe that rhinos once ranged in their thousands across Africa. Their immensely powerful bodies and horns made them a tough match for any predator.

But they are no match for bullets.

The black market profits from rhino horn have led to an epidemic of poaching. The fate of the northern white rhino shows what happens when we don’t act. But there is still hope for the other remaining rhinos.

We must protect the last rhinos from the human greed.

The threat is constant, and everything is at stake for these animals. But if we can secure the funding we need, the stories of other rhinos could have a happier end.

Every pound donated improves rhinos’ chances of survival. If everyone reading this donates at least £3, you will help to save the rhinos in Kenya. 100% of your donation goes to this vital project.

Where your donation goes

Your gift of £25
could help buy a pair of binoculars, essential for surveying the rhino population.
Your gift of £50
could help pay for a uniform and boots for a newly trained ranger, giving them protection and camouflage.
Your gift of £250
could help fully equip and train one ranger.