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Asian elephant. © Chaiphorn / AdobeStock

Asian elephant. © Chaiphorn / AdobeStock

Help save Cambodia's elephants

Please donate

Please help save Cambodia's elephants

Your gift could help dedicated wardens remove snares and protect elephants

A single donation of

Cambodia's elephants under immense pressure as their populations become increasingly fragmented.

Cambodia’s elephants need your help. In areas of their forest home, snares litter the ground.  

These death traps pepper the forest floor, and there is very little even the mighty elephant can do to avoid them. 

It’s a grim fate. And if we don’t act now, it’s a fate that could await far too many elephants. 

Asian elephants are already outnumbered by their African cousins by 10:1. Just 50,000 are left in the wild. 

We urgently need donations to support dedicated community wardens in Cambodia who are working hard to remove these lethal threats littering the forests. Please donate now and help save Cambodia’s elephants.