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Act now to save thousands of lives

Your donation today will help protect the animals of Vietnam’s rainforests in PNKB (Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park). Every penny will be directly restricted to defending this area, and will be multiplied a whopping 10 times by an incredibly generous donor.

The area is home to threatened species like gibbons, slow lorises and potentially the incredibly rare Sunda pangolin. We need to raise £225,000 (which will be multiplied to £2.25 million) to adequately protect it from the impending threats.

How will that money be spent? Equipping rangers. On the “front-line” of the conservation battle, things that make a difference are very down to earth indeed. They include:

  • Shoes – destroyed across miles of patrols through dense forest
  • Raincoats – to prevent getting soaked to the skin
  • First aid kits – to heal injuries from insects, undergrowth and other threats
  • Uniforms – designed for the miles of hiking needed
  • Phones with power banks – for rapid communication
  • Binoculars – to spot both animals and poachers
  • GPS units – to track locations of animals, and prevent getting lost

Without these items, the outlook for the forest and its creatures is grim, so your generosity – this time multiplied – will make all the difference.

FFI's work in Vietnam

We are at a critical point in Vietnam – we have a window of maybe 10-15 years in which to avert a mass primate extinction, the likes of which has never been seen in human history.

Fauna & Flora International (FFI) has been working there for over 20 years, and in this time has been at the forefront of saving the unique and gravely threatened wildlife, much of which is teetering on the verge of global extinction.

Over the last two decades our work has ranged from supporting ecotourism initiatives, supporting better protected area management and piloting REDD+ and Payment for Ecosystem Services approaches to sustainable management.

We are best known, however, for our leading role in protecting the country’s critically endangered primates. We support monitoring of primate populations, and education initiatives to engage people in conservation, as well as driving better management, patrolling and enforcement within protected areas designated for primate conservation. The latter includes the use of highly effective community conservation teams.

More broadly, we are working with our government partners to improve the planning and operations of larger, national protected areas. This includes boosting the technical capacity of park authorities as well as improving monitoring of biodiversity and putting in place more effective law enforcement within the protected areas. We also work with communities surrounding these high-priority sites to develop improved and sustainable livelihoods.

Who are FFI?

Fauna & Flora International (FFI) is the world’s oldest conservation charity. Over the last 100 years, we have literally saved species from extinction and even – with the help of our vice-president, Sir David Attenborough – helped bring mountain gorillas back from the brink. We work to protect plants and animals around the globe, and spend 94% of our income on charitable activities.

Thank you.

How your donation will be used

One game-changing gift of £735
will be multiplied to £7,350, which would be enough to fund a full year's patrol equipment
A gift of £260
will be multiplied to £2,600 and could supply a vehicles running costs for a full year
Every penny of your £85
will be multiplied to £850, and would be enough to buy a ranger team 4 GPS units
A donation of £55
will be multiplied to £550 which could provide high powered binoculars to spot animals and poachers
A donation of £25
will be multiplied to £250 and will be enough to purchase a first aid kit for rangers.