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Please Help Pangolins

Please help pangolins

Please help save pangolins. They are the most trafficked mammal in the world, and unless we act now, they could disappear forever.

Every single day, hundreds of pangolins are ripped from the wild to have their bodies are carved up for meat, and their scales are pulverised for traditional medicines. They are plummeting towards extinction.

But there is still time.

If we can act now and bring down the illegal wildlife trade in pangolins, then their numbers can still stabilise. So please, donate today and help save pangolins.


More than a million pangolins are estimated to have been stolen from the wild since 2000, all for the sake of non-scientific medicines and out-dated culinary customs. These innocent creatures are being taken and slaughtered at a staggering rate, and there is very little they can do to protect themselves.

Whilst pangolins have a scaly covering which can prove an effective defence against other wild predators, they are virtually defenceless when up against the threat of humans. When in danger, these gentle mammals do not run or attack but instead simply curl up into a tight ball, leaving themselves vulnerable and exposed. They can then be easily scooped up and collected to be sold on through trade networks – and their distressing tale doesn’t end there.

As they are shipped across the world, an abundance of horrors awaits them at their destinations. Some are trapped and kept alive, ready to be slaughtered on request at expensive restaurants. Others have their scales ripped from their bodies, ground to a powder to be worthlessly consumed. It is a disturbing end; one the pangolins have done nothing to deserve.

This is where FFI comes in – our conservationists are working incredibly hard to curb the poaching and trafficking of pangolins. Along with our partners, we are working to carry out crucial investigations into the illegal wildlife trade, supporting local law enforcement with making arrests and prosecuting individuals involved with poaching. This work is absolutely vital in saving many pangolins, and other species, from being targeted.

With your support, we can make sure that this vital important work continues, ensuring the long-term safety of these wonderful creatures. Even a small regular gift could make a world of difference to the humble pangolin. So please, make a donation today to help give pangolins the future they deserve. Thank you.

If you value the natural world – if you think it should be protected for its own sake as well as humanity’s – then please support Fauna & Flora International.
Sir David Attenborough OM FRS Vice-president and FFI member since 1959

Where your donation goes

A donation of £9
could help pay for rations for one of our patrol teams, enabling rangers to carry out the most direct for of conservation protection.
A donation of £15
could help pay for lodgings for our teams in the field, enabling our staff, rangers and specialists to stay close to the areas in most desperate need.
A donation of £30
could help pay for motorbike rental, allowing our teams to move quickly between communities as they help local people protect their own wildlife.
One extraordinary gift of £154
could make an enormous difference, paying for an emergency response incident.