Help save tigers

Your gift could make the difference for Sumatra’s tigers being constantly poached using cruel snares. With an extraordinary price on their heads, there are only a few hundred left on the planet.

If this poaching crisis continues much longer, we will lose them forever.

But you can help protect them. There is still hope that we can save these animals if we scale up protection. Your donation could help enable that – helping to cultivate a network of informants, who play a key role in guiding patrols that tackle active poaching and remove snares.

Just £25 from you could help distribute a walkie talkie. This will give our teams every second possible to organise a response when information comes to light. That could make the difference between a successful operation and a tragedy.

Please help support our tiger team – one of the most effective conservation units on the planet – with a donation of £25.

Where your donation goes

A donation of £25
could help distribute a walkie talkie. This would allow our world renowned team to communicate at a moment’s notice.
A donation of £150
could help pay for forensic technology, allowing FFI to gather evidence against traffickers so that the tigers can live free from threat.