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Your support could help save Grauer’s gorillas.


Donating now, while there is still time to act, could make a huge difference for the Grauer’s gorilla.

The latest figures confirmed a shocking 77% decline in the number of these gorillas, with only 3,800 individuals left in the wild – showing just how urgent the situation is.

With your support we can protect community reserves in the Democratic Republic of Congo that provide essential refuges for these magnificent animals.

The Maiko and Kahuzi-Biega National Parks in the DRC are home to some of the most endangered species in Africa, including the Grauer’s gorilla. However, as human populations in the region expand so too does the risk from habitat loss. A participatory form of conservation is giving these communities a means to exist and is helping the Grauer’s gorilla and other wildlife. Time is short and I urge supporters of FFI to quickly back this vital work that is crucial to the survival of the Grauer’s gorilla.
Sir David Attenborough OM FRS Vice-president and FFI member since 1959

Please make a donation to help ensure the survival of these great apes. Any donation, large or small, will be received with thanks and could make a vital difference in our efforts to save the Grauer’s gorilla.

Thank you.

Reasons to donate

A donation of £679.15
could pay for a satellite phone to help the teams report and respond to emergencies
A donation of £129.36
could pay for fuel to run the team’s off-road vehicle for a month
A donation of £40.10
could pay for rations for the whole gorilla survey team