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Please Help Dholes

Please help save dholes.

These incredible canines are amazingly athletic – fast runners, excellent swimmers and impressive jumpers. They are the most impressive communicators of all the canines, using whistles and clucks to communicate with their tight-knit packs.

They can be found in habitats ranging from dense forests, to scrubland, to the steppes, and they could once be seen and heard across nearly half the globe.

But they’re almost all gone. Just 2,000 or so breeding dholes remain.

In areas of Cambodia, a key dhole stronghold, these poor creatures are being put under immense pressure by habitat destruction. As their forest home is fragmented, they are forced into areas where deadly snares are concentrated.

As the snare tightens, their whistle becomes a whimper – often one of their last.

We must act now to save this special species.

That’s where Fauna & Flora comes in. Through your donations, we could support dedicated community wardens in Cambodia who are working tirelessly to remove these lethal threats, giving the dwindling dhole population a real chance at recovery.

So please, donate now and help save dholes.

Dhole or Indian Wild Dog standing Alert in Nagzira Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra, India. Credit: Revati / Adobe Stock

How Fauna & Flora is helping save dholes

The snaring crisis in the Cardamom Mountains, Cambodia, is nothing short of shocking. This remote wildlife haven is home to nearly 100 threatened species, including dholes, who’s populations are under immense pressure.

Habitat destruction is driving dholes and other threatened creatures towards areas filled with vicious snares – brutal contraptions which indiscriminately catch any animal unfortunate enough to cross their path.

Fauna & Flora have been working tirelessly to support community wardens in the Cardamom mountains, who carry out patrols during which they painstakingly look out for snares and remove any that they come across, while acting as a deterrent to those who would lay down more.

Who are Fauna & Flora?

Fauna & Flora is the world’s oldest international conservation charity. Over the last 100 years, we have been on almost every frontline of conservation and literally saved species from extinction. We work to protect plants and animals around the globe – never wasting enormous sums of money on excessive publicity or silly gimmicks – instead spending 94% of our income on charitable activities.

If you value the natural world – if you think it should be protected for its own sake as well as humanity’s – then please support Fauna & Flora International.
Sir David Attenborough OM FRS Vice-president and FFI member since 1959