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Help save rhinos and support rangers

Your support can help the rangers of Kenya tackle the poaching of rhinos

Rhino poaching has increased massively over the last few years. We are working with our partners to protect a vital stronghold for the critically endangered black rhino in Kenya. But the poachers are a constant threat.

Brave rangers are putting their lives in danger to stand between the poachers and the rhinos – but they urgently need our support. Help save these magnificent animals by making a gift today.

In Kenya, rangers we help support are living alongside the black rhino and other endangered animals, risking their lives to protect these animals from poachers.

Find out how anti-poaching dogs are helping to protect black rhinos


Through the hard work of the rangers and the conservancies we support, the rhino populations in these protected areas are stable or increasing. But the balance is delicate and as the rewards of poaching are so great, poachers have become better equipped and the challenge becomes greater day by day.

We are doing all we can to help the rangers protect the rhinos in their care. Your support could help us provide essential field equipment like radios, GPS receivers and binoculars, to help the rangers detect poaching incursions and quickly respond to them before any rhino can be found and killed.

Good quality uniforms, patrol supplies and footwear are essential to help the rangers cover the rhino range effectively and operate in all conditions in the bush. The future of a magnificent species is at stake, and we have to be sure the rangers have the very best kit possible. A gift from you today could help give the rangers the equipment they need.

We really are counting on you – your gift could make a real difference to the anti-poaching effort in Kenya.

Kenya holds over 80% of the remaining population of eastern black rhinos, and the rangers are all that stands between them and potential extinction at the hands of poachers– so please donate whatever you can afford.

Thank you.

Where your donation goes

A donation of £20
could help buy a pair of binoculars essential for surveying the rhino population
A donation of £100
could help build new accommodation for a ranger so they can live closer to where they are most needed
A donation of £1000
could cover the cost of training and equipping a ranger