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Using modern technologies, like GPS, helps to monitor the mountain gorilla population.

Using modern technologies, like GPS, helps to monitor species. IPTC - Credit © Juan Pablo Moreiras / Fauna & Flora International

Consultancy: Exploring tools and software to strengthen impact reporting process


  • Location: Remote/Online
  • Salary: Negotiable

Fauna & Flora’s Conservation Design & Impact team have been implementing an annual impact reporting process to understand institutional conservation impact in any given year since the mid-2000’s. The process is bottom-up, based on aggregating project-level information from Fauna & Flora’s regional and cross-cutting teams. The process consists of several stages, and over time, these have evolved and adapted. The goal of this consultancy is to understand whether there are efficiencies which can be made within each stage of the process, or the process as a whole, in order to increase its effectiveness and our ability to tell impactful conservation stories for a range of audiences. This might be through employing technological solutions, or through improvements in existing processes. This consultancy is an information gathering process, and the information generated by the consultants will provide recommended options to consider, enabling Fauna & Flora to make decisions about the future direction of its impact reporting process.

The stages of Fauna & Flora’s impact reporting process include:

  1. Data collection: each project team completes a word document annual report form (Fauna & Flora has approx. 120 projects in total).
  2. Data entry and qualitative analysis: a team of 10-15 analysts review each report and enter data into Survey123 form.
  3. Data validation: an Excel is exported from Survey123, and a team of 3-5 reviewers validate data, remove duplication, and check for consistency.
  4. Report writing/extracting key datapoints: the Conservation Impact Report is written using figures and impact stories from the data generated.
  5. Dissemination: data from the Excel is shared internally with relevant teams, and the Conservation Impact Report is disseminated. We are exploring mechanisms of sharing meaningful year-on-year data.

Fauna & Flora is seeking to contract a number of different consultants for this opportunity from across a range of different sectors and backgrounds (including those within and outside the conservation sector), in order to maximise learning and ensure we are basing our decisions on a wide range of options.
We are interested in hearing from those who are experienced in developing or supporting the implementation of new and transformative systems within organisations.

For further details and to apply, please download the Tender Document below.

Submission of proposals from candidates who meet the criteria are invited by Sunday 01 October 2023 to Irina Dioguardi, [email protected].

Interviews will be conducted on either the week commencing 09 October 2023, or 30 October 2023, please state whether you have a preference in your submission.

Tender Document

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