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Tribute Funds

A tribute fund is a lasting way to commemorate and honour someone special who has passed away.

It is a wonderful way to remember and to help raise funds to support the work of Fauna & Flora International (FFI). Your tribute fund gives friends, relatives and colleagues a focus for making their own individual contribution whenever and however they want, by cash, cheque or card and by post, phone or online. Each gift is recorded and acts as a tribute to the person in whose name the fund has been created. Whilst many fund holders undertake sponsored challenges or events to raise money, a large number like to make straightforward donations to their fund, such as in lieu of presents or on a special anniversary. Every tribute fund has the option to go online. On your website you can personalise the design, add stories and videos as well as keep a diary. You can control access to your site – and can keep it private to selected people if you wish by making it password protected.

How to set up your fund

Some people choose to have their tribute funds online where they can share thoughts, photographs and memories and show people how much their fund has raised for charity so far. Of course you don’t have to have your tribute fund online, either way, setting up a tribute fund is quick and simple.

Whether you would like your fund online or offline, you can contact Paul White who will be more than happy to talk to you about your requirements for a fund. We can talk you through the process of setting up and  fund, and can work with you on the design of your page if you would like it to be online. When your fund is set up we can send you a pack of notification cards which you can hand out to friends and family to tell them how they can get involved. We will also send you regular updates of the progress of your fund and also news about some of the projects that your fund is helping to support.

From an FFI tribute fund holder:

I think tribute funds are a lovely way to remember lost loved ones, and to also support a worthwhile cause. Making a donation on special occasions can help to keep their memories alive and give you comfort in the knowledge that you are raising money for worthwhile work.

– Lee and Nicki Chapman, FFI tribute fund holders since 2006

How will it help us?

Money raised through your fund could help support conservation in many ways, for example:

£10 could help buy a protection cage for turtle nests in Nicaragua. These simple devices allow hatchling turtles to leave the nest, but keep dangerous predators out.

£20 could pay for the printing of one set of school education packs that a teacher in West Africa can use to educate local children about the pygmy hippo, the threats it faces and its cultural and economic values.

£50 could keep a ranger in the field for ten days, protecting Saiga herds from poachers on the steppes of Central Asia and raising awareness of the need for their conservation.

£100 could help protect an acre of South African fynbos – an area described by some scientists as the most important botanical habitat on Earth. An area that is also rapidly vanishing under the pressure of farming, forestry, building and alien invasive plant species.

There is no cost involved in setting up or maintaining your tribute fund and we are always happy to create them for you, no matter how big or small.

Thank you so much for your vital support which we really appreciate. If you would like to create a tribute fund, the please do contact Paul White who be only too happy to help.

Paul White


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