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Gifts in Wills

A gift in your Will is precious and will help us to save endangered species around the world.

Gifts in Wills have allowed us to create new Orang-utan Protection and Monitoring Units in Borneo, Indonsia, to help protect vital forest habitat against illegal logging poaching and forest fires. They have allowed us to establish a community forest sanctuary for Cross River gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo and helped us to develop village-based rapid early warning systems in Cameroon to enable local people to prevent poaching of gorillas and chimpanzees.

Every legacy we receive makes crucial on-the-ground conservation work possible – in fact, in 2013, around £1 in every four that we received from individuals came from gifts in Wills.

With biodiversity being lost at around 1,000 times the natural rate and pressures escalating from habitat loss, hunting, climate change and countless other threats, gifts in Wills have never been more vital.

We understand that friends and family come first, but once your loved ones have been taken care of please consider leaving something – it doesn’t how large or small – to support of work and help us ensure that future generations benefit from a world as rich in life as that which we have enjoyed.

Writing a Will can seem daunting, and we always advise that you speak with a solicitor about it. However, if you have any questions about remembering FFI in your Will then please do not hesitate to contact us. Our Gifts in Wills adviser, Paul White, will be only too happy to help and can be contacted at:

Paul White

+44 (0) 1223 431 952


Fauna & Flora International, 4th Floor Jupiter House, Station Road, Cambridge, CB1 2JD, UK

Although we’re not solicitors, we can:

  • Explain how your gift can protect endangered species and habitats for years to come
  • Arrange for you to meet with a member of our conservation teams to hear first-hand about the difference these gifts make
  • Talk you through the different ways you can remember FFI in your Will and even provide you with some suggested wording for your Willl that can be given to your solicitor
  • Explain how a gift to FFI can help to reduce the burden of income tax
  • Help find solicitors in your area that can help with writing your Will
  • Provide you with a pack to read at your leisure which contains information on all of the topics mentioned here.

You can also download our Gifts in Wills information sheets which aim to answer some of the questions you might have about writing or updating your Will. We have tried to make this information as simple as possible – avoiding confusing legal terms where possible – so if there is anything not covered in the information sheets then please feel free to let us know.

Letting us know

We recognise and respect the fact that the contents of your Will are private – as are your intentions for your Estate. However, if you choose to let us know that you have mentioned Fauna & Flora International in your Will then we would love to hear from you – it gives us the opportunity to extend our thanks and gratitude to you for supporting our work in such a valuable way.


Thank you for your interest in supporting FFI with  a gift in your Will – these gifts are so important in enabling us to save endangered species and ecosystems all around the world. If you decide that the time is right and you wish to remember FFI in your Will then thank you – your support will make a genuine difference to our work. In return we pledge to use your gift efficiently and effectively to support conservation where it is most urgent and where possible to respect any wishes you might have for how we use that gift.

“Without FFI’s dedicated untiring efforts one would be tempted to despair. I know that there are other organisations world-wide which are doing great work for conservation but FFI is something very special.”

Mr & Mrs JD Chapman, New Zealand, FFI members since 1953

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