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The FFI Friends

The Fauna & Flora International (FFI) Friends are a group of supporters committed to conserving the world’s threatened species and ecosystems for today and for the future. FFI Friends provide essential core support that underpins FFI’s ability to break new ground, confront major challenges and make successful conservation a reality. alt= As well as providing regular donations to the organisation the FFI Friends are a reliable source of support through pro bono contributions, and as effective ambassadors of our work through their personal and professional networks. Through regular events, specialist materials and digital channels we aim to bring the FFI Friends closer to our individual projects and connect them directly to the heart of conservation. Friends also enjoy unique travel opportunities to FFI projects where they meet conservationists in person and learn how their support is making a difference.

FFI Friends and the FFI 110 appeal

FFI has been working to save endangered species and habitats since 1903, and we are very proud of what we have achieved. But so much remains to be done. Thousands of species are at risk of extinction and billions of people rely on ever decreasing natural resources. We are launching our 110 appeal to ensure that we can continue to protect threatened species and habitats through this next, most critical stage in the history of our planet. In support of this appeal we aim to grow the FFI Friends membership to 110 members with a view to generate £0.5 million per year from this group. Please consider joining us today and make a meaningful difference to protecting life on Earth.

We welcome membership from individuals, couples,  families and businesses.

To join or to find out more about the FFI Friends please contact Becky on +44 (0)1223 431 953 or by email at rebecca.costello@fauna-flora.org

Join the FFI Friends

£1,000 per year

or £83.33 per month

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£4,500 per year

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