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1,001 gorillas crowdfunding campaign

Thank you

Our Indiegogo campaign came to an end last week on 13 December, raising £28,883. We’re still receiving offline donations so we expect this figure to continue rising for a little longer yet.

When we launched this campaign with FFI vice-president Sir David Attenborough on 31 October at Parliament, we had one simple aim – we wanted to raise enough money to make a positive impact on the work to save the Critically Endangered mountain gorilla. We have done just that.

Not only did we raise significant and vital funds for the International Gorilla Conservation Programme (IGCP), the campaign also:

  • Introduced nearly 600 new supporters to the work of Fauna & Flora International and IGCP
  • Garnered support from 27 different countries, and
  • Spread the message of mountain gorilla conservation, through social media and press coverage, to many thousands of people across the globe

What’s more, many of the perks on offer through this campaign were specifically chosen because they themselves would benefit the local communities living within Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. As Anna Behm Masozera, Director of IGCP states:

“These order [of gorilla statuettes and hand woven baskets] really have had a positive impact on the artisans that IGCP has worked with over the years. The orders we’ve placed with the carvers and the weavers mean that they have a little boost of income just before the holiday. Poaching of antelope tends to spike in mid- to late December as people look to the park to serve the rare meal with meat in the villages, so getting a little extra income to people at this time of year really does help.”

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this campaign and responded to the plea from ourselves and Sir David Attenborough – there are far too many names to thanks every person who has been involved or supported the campaign individually (although we are striving to get thank you messages to every contributor), but three people who we promised to name and offer our gratitude to are Gregory Mackay, Lizzie Archer and Jenna Anderson.

We are working on plans to keep the 1,001 gorillas campaign going now that the crowdfunding element has come to an end – because we recognise that there is a growing crowd of people keen to ensure that there are at least 1,000 mountain gorillas in the wild by 2018, and FFI is committed to supporting this work for as long as it takes. Watch this space for updates – and if you want to get in touch to support this work then you can either:

Paul White

+44 (0)1223 431 952


Protecting mountain gorillas

The International Gorilla Conservation Programme (IGCP) is the coalition of conservation partners which FFI established with the help of Sir David Attenborough. The project fosters cooperation across national borders and empowers communities to monitor, protect and benefit from maintaining a healthy population of mountain gorillas.

The last census in 2011 revealed around 880 individuals in the world, up from 700 just eight years earlier. With your help we’re aiming to increase this population to over 1,001 – and this crowdfunding campaign is your chance to make a difference to this work.

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