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snow leopard

Snow leopard

Latin name: Panthera uncia

Areas: | Tajikistan | Kyrgyzstan |

IUCN Red List conservation status

About: Snow leopard

“Fauna & Flora International’s support was vital in developing our National Snow Leopard Action Plan for Tajikistan”

Dr Abdusattor Saidov

Director of the Institute of Zoology and Parasitology,
National Academy of Sciences, Tajikistan

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The mysterious snow leopard is a beautiful and charismatic animal, found in the remote mountainous regions of Central Asia. Protected by thick, smoky-grey fur, and capable of leaping thirty feet and taking prey three times its own weight, it is well adapted to the cold, harsh landscape.

Snow leopard facts:

  • Shy and well camouflaged, the snow leopard is very rarely seen and does not act aggressively towards humans
  • They are solitary cats except when females are raising cubs
  • Snow leopards prey on blue sheep and ibex that share their mountain home

A combination of persecution and poaching for its fur and body parts has reduced wild snow leopard numbers to as few as 4,000 mature, breeding individuals. The remaining population is being forced into smaller and increasingly isolated locations resulting in it now being listed as Endangered.

Fauna & Flora International (FFI) is working in partnership to improve the management of the Sarychat-Ertash Reserve, one of the few protected sites for the snow leopard in Central Asia.

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Did you know?

Poaching is one of the main threats to the snow leopard and a special anti-poaching strategy has been developed.

Funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the International Finance Corporation, with additional support from the Kumtor Operating Company, Kyrgyzstan, the project has provided technical training and support to the Reserve’s highly committed staff in areas that are crucial to the long-term management and protection of Sarychat-Ertash and, by extension, the snow leopard and its prey.

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