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Francois’ langur

Latin name: Trachypithecus francoisi

Areas: | Vietnam | China |

IUCN Red List conservation status

About: Francois’ langur

The Francois’ langur is a distinctive primate, with its punk-style tuft of black hair and white sideburns. It is found in the semi-tropical monsoon forests and limestone hills of southern China and northern Vietnam.

Sadly, the population of Francois’ langurs has declined in recent decades due to illegal hunting and habitat fragmentation. The groups that remain are becoming increasingly isolated, putting them at greater risk of extinction.

Francois’ langur facts:

  • Noisy and sociable, these monkeys typically live in groups of about a dozen consisting of females, their infants and a single male.
  • The group is led by females who share responsibility for the young and have a changeable hierarchy.
  • The adult male in the troop will rarely participate in social grooming but will expect to be groomed himself.
  • In China’s Guangxi province, Francois’ langur numbers are thought to have declined by 90% over the last 40 years with around 303-440 individuals remaining.
Francois' langurs live in sociable groups. Credit: Chong Zuo Nature Reserve.

Francois’ langurs live in sociable groups. Credit: Chong Zuo Nature Reserve.

To reverse the decline of the Francois’ langur, Fauna & Flora International (FFI) and partners have established a community-based patrolling and monitoring system, working in partnership with those living near key langur habitat areas to protect the Endangered primate.

Since July 2014, community rangers have been recruited from local villages to join reserve staff for training on patrolling and monitoring. These forest rangers work in Encheng, Xialei and Chongzuo Nature Reserves and in four Community Protected Areas in three counties. These areas protect 147-243 individuals.

The teams have also discovered three langur sleeping caves and two new langur groups (more than 12 individuals) in Xialei Nature Reserve, as well as four newborn infants spotted within three of the new community areas.

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