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An introduction to Fauna & Flora International

Fauna & Flora International is conserving the planets threatened species and ecosystems with the people and communities who depend on them.

The history of Fauna & Flora International

Sir David Attenborough gives a brief introduction to the history of Fauna & Flora International, and an insight into our origins over 100 years ago.

Stephen Fry explains why he made the choice to work with FFI

Fauna & Flora International ambassador Stephen Fry talks about why he became involved with FFI.

View the full interview on youtube

African wild dogs in Niassa Reserve, Mozambique

Fewer than 8,000 African wild dogs survive in the wild today. The remaining populations are being wiped out by indiscriminate destruction of their natural habitat, the spread of diseases such as rabies and canine distemper caught from domestic animals, and persecution by humans who view them as pests.

Without urgent intervention to safeguard and maintain large areas of natural habitat for wild dogs, this iconic species could soon be extinct.

Rare and previously unseen Tonkin snub-nosed monkey footage

The only known footage, filmed by conservation biologist Le Khac Quyet, of a new population of the beautiful but bizarre looking Tonkin snub-nosed monkey. The new population was discovered recently by conservation charity Fauna & Flora International in the jungles of north Vietnam, providing new hope for the survival of the species.

The stunning Iberian lynx could be the first cat species to become extinct since the saber-toothed cat

The Iberian lynx is the world's most endangered cat species, due to a catastrophic combination of habitat loss, lack of prey and incidental and intentional killings.

New frog species discovered in Cambodia - Jenny Daltry interview - BBC Radio Wales

Jenny Daltry talk to BBC Radio Wales about discovering new frog species in Cambodia. The four new frog species discovered by FFI in Cambodia, included the Samkos bush with its distinctive green blood and turquoise-coloured bones, the Cardamom bush frog, Smith's frog, and the Aural horned frog.

FFI helping the development of Flower Valley Conservation Trust

The Flower Valley Conservation Trust (FVCT) works to protect the fynbos, the most botanically rich habitat on earth, located at the southern-most tip of South Africa. Fauna & Flora International has been working in partnership with FVCT, developing a financially and ecologically sustainable programme of conservation based on the marketing and distribution of wild fynbos flowers around the world.

Sir David Attenborough on Fauna & Flora International and the IGCP

With a total world population of around 720 mountain gorillas struggle to survive in central Africas dense forests. The International Gorilla Conservation Programme (IGCP), a partnership between Fauna & Flora International, WWF and the Africa Wildlife Foundation, supports protected area authorities in three countries to improve conservation of gorillas and their mountain forest habitat and to improve local livelihoods to help mitigate threats to this Critically Endangered species.

Conserving sea turtles in Nicaragua

José Urteaga, FFI's Nicaragua Programme Manager, talks about our sea turtles conservation project in Nicaragua. The project focuses on protecting the critically endangered leatherback and endangered olive ridley turtles, which are threatened by poachers who illegally harvest their eggs along beaches on Nicaraguas Pacific coast.

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