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Oryx—The International Journal of Conservation

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The Conservationist’s Journal Oryx—The International Journal of Conservation, published quarterly by Cambridge University Press on behalf of Fauna & Flora International, is a leading scientific journal of biodiversity conservation, conservation policy and sustainable use, with a particular interest in material that has the potential to improve conservation management and practice.

The website www.oryxthejournal.org plays a vital role in the journal’s capacity-building work.

Amongst the site’s many attributes is a compendium of sources of free software for researchers and details of how to access Oryx at reduced rates or for free in developing countries.

The website also includes extracts from Oryx issues published 10, 25 and 50 years ago, and a gallery of research photographs that provide a fascinating insight into the places, species and people described in the journal.

The January issue of Oryx is made freely available on the Cambridge Core website each year. The January 2017 issue of Oryx, which contains 16 research articles as well as a special section on biodiversity offsetting and conservation, is available until the end of December 2017.

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Latest issue

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The July issue of Oryx includes a selection of the latest conservation research, with topics including the distribution of Critically Endangered grey wolves in the Nepalese Himalaya and trial reintroductions of the black-footed rock-wallaby in South Australia. In addition to a wide variety of articles, the issue includes Chris Sandbrook’s Editorial, which delves into the uneven balance of power in conservation and grapples with narratives that frame conservation as weak or, conversely, strong. Further far-reaching questions are asked of the conservation movement in a critique of the increasingly popular Half-Earth plan. Proponents of this plan controversially suggest that for conservation to succeed 50% of the Earth must be set aside as a network of interconnected protected areas. The critique questions whether this plan is either feasible or just. In addition to special sections on hunting, trade and plant conservation, there are research articles covering the use of drones in mitigating human–elephant conflict, the sustainability of Asian snake farms, and our first multimedia PDF, which showcases rare camera-trap footage of the Vulnerable giant anteater in southern Brazil.

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A major benefit of becoming a member of Fauna & Flora International is that you can choose to have an online subscription to Oryx. This includes access to the journal’s archives from 1950 to the present day. The Archive is fully searchable, and includes original research articles, news items and much more besides, all available as pdf files.

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