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Own a leaf from the Human Nature installation

Buy 3D-printed leaves, created by Timothy Hatton Architects to mark Sir David Attenborough’s 90th birthday year and help raise funds for Fauna & Flora International

Single Leaf. Credit: Timothy Hatton Architects
Single 3D printed leaf – £20*
These intricate leaves are perfect for unique gifts, mementos or even festive decorations!

Set of leaves. Credit: Timothy Hatton Architects
Set of 5 3D printed leaves – £80*
There are only 80 of these special edition sets available.

Last winter Timothy Hatton Architects created the Human Nature Installation within the aqua shard restaurant marking Sir David Attenborough’s 90th birthday year. Tim Hatton’s design highlighted the importance of protecting our natural environment, drawing out the connections between nature, art, and our everyday lives and showing how, through recycling, we can all reduce our impact on earth’s fragile ecosystems and species.

The installation – in aid of Fauna & Flora International – comprised thousands of 3D printed components made from 100% recycled waste plastic. These became the individual leaves and branches of a 9 metre structure flowing down three storeys from the atrium ceiling. The leaves of five different British woodland species (English oak, silver birch, dogwood, field maple and wych elm) were represented, underlining the beauty and variety found within our natural world and the importance of preserving this diversity.

If you would like to own a piece of the stunning installation, it can be yours! Individual pieces of the artwork are available for sale and of these, 80 sets of 5 leaves have been produced as special edition collections.

Leaves will be dispatched within 1 week of purchase.

For full Terms & Conditions of sales please click here.

* includes VAT and postage and packing to anywhere in the world. Please note that leaves may vary from the images shown.

Find out more about the Human Nature Installation; an installation by Timothy Hatton Architects at aqua shard, in collaboration with FFI vice-president Sir David Attenborough, in aid of Fauna & Flora International.


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