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Credit: Anna Lyons/FFI

Sustainable agribusiness takes centre stage in Singapore

Posted on: 16.05.12 (Last edited) 3 June 2014

Conservation business leaders from Fauna & Flora International (FFI) actively endorse the World Sustainable Agriculture Congress

The Asia-Pacific region is the world’s largest supplier and consumer of food. The World Sustainable Agriculture Congress is the first of its kind in Asia to focus on the entire agriculture and food value chain.

Held in Singapore from 10 – 12 July, the Congress will showcase sustainable agricultural initiatives, the latest farming technologies, and ecosystem-based approaches to land use amongst other topics.

Bringing together over 200 leading agribusinesses, government decision-makers, investors, farming associations, academics and NGOs, the Congress will feature over 30 world-class speakers, including FFI’s Anna Lyons, Programme Manager, Business & Biodiversity,

FFI has been actively engaging with the private sector for over 15 years to successfully influence biodiversity and ecosystem service related activities. Presenting on ‘The new business environment: Integrating biodiversity and ecosystem service (BES) management into agricultural supply chains’, Anna will draw on this experience, introducing FFI’s approach, involving engagement with business and business influencers to benefit threatened species, habitats and ecosystem services by changing the ways companies operate.

FFI have worked in public-private partnership with British American Tobacco over the past 11 years alongside Earthwatch Institute and The Tropical Biology Association to develop risk-based tools and a range of interventions and innovative solutions that are now applied across the company’s agricultural operations. A representative from British American Tobacco’s Asia Pacific operations will explain why BAT is interested in BES and share practical experiences of addressing BES in the company.

Pippa Howard, Director of the Business & Biodiversity Programme at FFI and one of four esteemed members of the advisory board for the event, commented, “We believe the key to sustainable agribusiness lies in the recognition that such businesses are entirely dependent on the functioning, intact ecosystem and ecological processes that form the system. Taking an integrated landscape approach to agriculture and land use is essential to ensure sustainability and to meet the multiple goals of food production, ecosystem health and human wellbeing.”

Endorsement of this event will allow FFI to influence positive change among diverse stakeholders across the agricultural value chain. Dr Stephen Browne, Senior Programme Manager FFI (Singapore) explained that the Congress is an ideal opportunity for businesses in the Asia-Pacific Region to present ideas and strategies, to develop partnerships, and to demonstrate that they have the potential to be sustainability leaders to ensure food security and sustainable development go hand-in-hand.

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Written by
Anna Lyons

Anna is a programme manager within Fauna & Flora International’s Business & Biodiversity team, her focus and interest is agricultural commodities. Anna is based out of FFI’s Singapore office, supporting the Asia-Pacific country programmes in their business related activities, particularly Cambodia and Indonesia. She has made frequent visits to Indonesia since her BSc thesis research first took her to the tropical forests of Indonesian Borneo in 2002, where she remained on and off for a further two years. Now, amongst other things, Anna has the tough task of overseeing FFI’s work on the tropical island paradise of Lombok. Anna’s background is in international development and natural resource management, she has an MSc from Oxford in related subjects, and has been working with the British American Tobacco Biodiversity Partnership, an NGO-Private Sector collaboration, since 2007 and continues to do so following her move to FFI in 2009.

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We believe the key to sustainable agribusiness lies in the recognition that such businesses are entirely dependent on the functioning, intact ecosystem and ecological processes that form the system. Pippa Howard

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