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Participants at FFI’s REDD+ Community Carbon Pools Programme Cambodian inception workshop pose for a group photo. Credit: Leonard Reyes/FFI.

Launch of final component of the REDD+ Community Carbon Pools programme in Cambodia

Posted on: 08.04.13 (Last edited) 8 April 2013

The REDD+ Community Carbon Pools programme has reached a significant milestone as Fauna & Flora International (FFI) launches the Cambodian component to be the fourth and final region of the programme.

Participants during the workshop. Credit: Leonard Reyes/FFI

Participants during the workshop. Credit: Leonard Reyes/FFI

An inception workshop was held earlier this month in Siem Reap to launch the REDD+ Community Carbon Pools programme in Cambodia. The programme, which was initiated in June 2011, shares knowledge gained from the practical implementation of reduced emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) projects in IndonesiaVietnam , the Philippines and now Cambodia.

With funding from the European Union, the programme is specifically looking at the pooling of multiple community forests into groups to undertake REDD+ related activities. In doing so, the groups benefit from economies of scale, saving on certification costs. Grouping also allows communities to share experiences and to learn from one another.

In Cambodia the programme is currently exploring 16 community forest sites, from which 11 will be chosen. Activities will take place at these sites until July 2014 and will include the strengthening of local government and local community participation in REDD+ and the dissemination of lessons learnt to sub-national, national and regional forums.

The induction workshop was attended by 40 participants including representatives and members from nine Community Forest Management Committees, local and international NGOs, provincial government officials and representatives from the Central Government.

Credit: Leonard Reyes/FFI

Credit: Leonard Reyes/FFI

Written by
Lindsey Sandbrook

Lindsey Sandbrook is the newest addition to the Communications team at FFI. With a background in biology (BSc), tropical forestry and agroforestry (MSc) she gained practical conservation experience in East Africa working with communities, cooperatives, companies and organisations. Since settling in the UK she has conducted research on large scale conservation through the University of Cambridge and acted as a contributing author on the policy chapter of the UK National Ecosystem Assessment. In her communications debut at FFI she works with the Business & Biodiversity and Environmental Markets teams as Communications Officer (Business & Biodiversity) to communicate between the worlds of business, economics and conservation and to bring this innovative work into the public domain.

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the groups benefit from economies of scale, saving on certification costs

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