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Conservation Leadership Programme

Written by: Stuart Paterson
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The Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) is a partnership of three conservation organisations – BirdLife International, Fauna & Flora International and the Wildlife Conservation Society. The mission of the Conservation Leadership Programme is to promote the development of future conservation leaders and provide them with the capacity to address the most significant conservation issues of our time.

The Conservation Leadership Programme supports a number of initiatives including project funding, training, internships and opportunities for network development – skills that are of the utmost importance in helping develop future leaders within the conservation field.

To achieve this mission, the CLP has the following key objectives:

  • Identify, train and mentor future conservation leaders who demonstrate a commitment to conservation and sustainable development
  • Support practical conservation projects that address priority issues, deliver and communicate conservation results and build local capacity
  • Facilitate a global conservation network to support continued professional development, promote collaboration and ensure long-term sustainability

Where We Work

The CLP offers support to young conservationists living and working in Africa, Asia, East/South-eastern Europe, the Middle East, the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean. Countries designated by the World Bank as ‘high-income economies’ and countries with US sanctions are not eligible for CLP support. Exceptions to these criteria include some high-income economies located in tropical areas of high biological diversity, including the Pacific and Caribbean Islands.

For further information, visit www.ConservationLeadershipProgramme.org

Written by
Stuart Paterson

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“In 25 years, the CLP has granted over 500 awards for conservation research and action on-the-ground.”

Stuart Paterson

Conservation Leadership Programme Coordinator for Fauna & Flora International

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The Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) is a partnership of four conservation organisations – BirdLife International, Conservation International, Fauna & Flora International and the Wildlife Conservation Society.

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