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Climate Change Adaptation Planning Toolkit

Tajik meeting. Credit: FFI
Written by: Georgina Magin
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We know that climate change is a threat to all natural systems, and it is vital that any efforts to protect the natural world take account of what the future may hold.

Climate change adaptation planning is an important process that identifies vulnerabilities and builds resilience to changing conditions. Fauna & Flora International (FFI) has developed a climate change adaptation planning process for our project sites, which has been trialled at five sites as part of the British American Tobacco Biodiversity Partnership.

FFI’s Climate Change Adaption Planning Toolkit

Download the Toolkit

Download the Toolkit

The process, which is outlined in FFI’s Climate Change Adaptation Planning Toolkit, involves identifying the vulnerabilities of species and livelihoods at the site to climate change and devising adaptation strategies to help both biodiversity and people cope better with the expected change.

Although incorporating high level predictive modelling and scientific data, FFI’s approach to climate adaptation planning is “bottom-up”, involving project teams, partners and local communities who live and work at the sites day to day. The focus is on increasing resilience to change, and any measures proposed should be ‘no regrets’ actions that will be beneficial whatever the future climatic conditions.

The Toolkit includes suggested outlines for a series of workshops and consultations, and a template for a site-based Climate Adaptation Plan, outlining the short- and longer-term actions needed to increase resilience and adaptive capacity.

Feedback on FFI’s Climate Change Adaptation Planning Toolkit would be very welcome – please e-mail Dr. Georgina Magin.

Written by
Georgina Magin

Other posts by Georgina Magin

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