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About FFI US

Fauna & Flora International in the United States (known as FFI, Inc.) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

In 2003, Katie Frohardt was recruited as its first Executive Director, and since then, FFI, Inc. has built a strong track record of success, providing critical technical and financial support to the organization’s flagship projects – a subset of endangered species and habitat priorities globally – while keeping US infrastructure small. This focused approach has produced tangible conservation results on the ground.

In Uganda, for example, with support from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, we launched an innovative program with the Uganda Wildlife Authority and communities surrounding Lake Mburo and Rwenzori Mountains National Parks, integrating cultural values directly into the parks’ management. This effort is building demonstrable community support for these parks and the protection of wildlife, while deepening the expression of, and appreciation for, traditional beliefs and values – an authentic win-win.

Clea Newman Soderlund. Credit: SeriousFun Children’s Network

Clea Newman Soderlund. Credit: SeriousFun Children’s Network

Guided by Chair Clea Newman Soderlund (pictured above) and a notable Board of Directors, FFI, Inc. enjoys the support of more than two dozen foundations, including the MacArthur Foundation, Newman’s Own Foundation, McKnight Foundation, Marisla Foundation and the William H. Donner Foundation.

The US Fish & Wildlife Service’s International Program is another strong partner and, together with generous individuals, supports many FFI flagship teams around the world.

Our commitment to lean, effective US operations has earned us Charity Navigator’s highest four-star ranking six years in a row, indicating that we “outperform the majority of nonprofits in America with respect to fiscal responsibility.”

Our future plans call for an expansion of our base of support which will enable us to identify cutting-edge projects in remote areas of the globe that are struggling to conserve threatened biodiversity.

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To find out more about Fauna & Flora International in the US please contact:

Fauna & Flora International
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Phone  (202) 375-7767
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