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About Fauna & Flora International Australia

Our environment is central to human life. It provides a myriad of vital tangible benefits from medical solutions, to fertile food-producing soil, to clean water – upon which millions depend – and carbon-capture capabilities.

Increasing threats to our world and its biodiversity demands an increased level and speed of response.  It was with this in mind – and indeed due to Australians’ desire to play a strong part in the global solution – that FFI Australia was established in August 2008.

With support from local business, communities, NGOs – notably The Burnett Mary Regional Group – and government we are:

  • Working with Indigenous Australians to create environmental employment opportunities
  • Working with traditional owners to harness, in perpetuity, their unique ecological and cultural knowledge
  • Undertaking a country-wide review of the major conservation needs and opportunities so we can ensure we address the key issues
  • Helping to protect the UNESCO accredited Great Sandy Biosphere and World Heritage sites – The Great Barrier Reef and Fraser Island
  • Harnessing support for our global programme of conservation activities
  • Creating innovative new finance streams through environmental markets activity which could ultimately make conservation financially viable

Fauna & Flora International Australia works in a unique way to ensure we deliver lasting results:

  • 97% of our activity includes a livelihoods component, helping local communities develop and flourish
  • We leverage donor funding – a recent ‘untied’ gift to FFI Australia was used to unlock further funding five times its original value
  • With over 450 partners globally, we work hard to put conservation in the hands of local people
  • We developed some of today’s most important conservation infrastructure including WWF and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
  • We work hard to generate sustainable income for our activites from our ground-breakign work on REDD (Reduced Emissions for Deforestation and Degradation) to fair-trade and ecotourism

Sir David Attenborough, Fauna & Flora International Vice-President

“If you value the natural world, if you think it should be protected for its own sake as well as for humanity’s, then please support FFI”

Whilst great progress has been made so far, we need your support and help if we are going to continue to address the problems we, as a global population, face.

If you are interested in getting involved please contact Nick Bubb, at

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