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Located in West Africa, the Republic of Guinea is one of the three countries in Africa known as Guinea. The country’s 10 million people share their home with an impressive array of wildlife and plant species.

The country is the source of 22 West African rivers, including the Niger, Gambia, and Senegal Rivers. Protecting the forests that act as watersheds for these rivers is crucial for the health of wildlife and humans alike.

The south of Guinea contains important remnants of the Upper Guinean forest that used to cover the entire region of West Africa. The biodiversity under the lush forest canopy is stunning – elephants, chimpanzees and many more endangered species all rely on this unique habitat.

Guinea’s wildlife is under threat from mining, logging and bush meat. These pressures will only increase with a rapidly rising population. Solutions need to be found – people must be able to make a living while protecting their natural assets into the future.

Fauna & Flora International (FFI) is focusing on conserving the key Upper Guinean forest block in southern Guinea, along the Liberian border.  Our longstanding presence in Liberia is helping us to carry out successful transboundary initiatives along the Nimba Mountains.

FFI is also active at the Ziama Biosphere Reserve and the Ziama-Wenegesi corridor to protect the only viable population of forest elephants in Guinea. We are developing the skills of local conservationists to help them secure their forests and wildlife.

Our work in Guinea

Western chimpanzee conservation in Liberia and Guinea


The western chimpanzee is the most threatened subspecies of chimpanzee; 75% have disappeared over the past 30 years. FFI is working in Guinea’s Nimba Biosphere Reserve and Liberia’s Sapo National Park to survey each chimpanzee population. Our support has led to local action plans to combat habitat loss, bush meat hunting and the increasing illegal trafficking of infant chimpanzees. We are also helping local communities develop cane rat, pig and fish farming as alternatives to hunting for bush meat, while developing a monitoring system to track the project’s impact on wildlife. Information will be shared with other conservation organisations working on Tiwai Island in Sierra Leone.

Nimba transboundary conservation


Fauna & Flora International is facilitating communication between the Guinea, Liberia and Côte d’Ivoire authorities to manage natural resources more effectively in the highly biodiverse Nimba mountains.

Protection of forest elephants at the Ziama-Wenegesi transfrontier corridor


Guinea’s forest elephants have come under increasing pressure from poaching, habitat loss and fragmentation, and conflicts with the human population. FFI is working in partnership with the N’Zérékoré Forestry Centre to develop a plan to protect elephants along their migration route between Guinea’s Ziama Biosphere Reserve and the adjacent Wenegisi natural forest reserve in Liberia. We are building the anti-poaching skills of Ziama reserve staff and raising awareness among local communities and other stakeholders on human- elephant conflict mitigation techniques. This work will also benefit other threatened species in the area, (such as western chimpanzees), and enhance regional collaboration on species-focused conservation programmes.

Capacity building for biodiversity conservation in southern Guinea


Fauna & Flora International (FFI) is supporting the Guinean government in managing the environmental impacts of mining concessions in the Nimba and Simandou mountains: Centre de Gestion de l’Environnement des Monts Nimba et Simandou (CEGENS). We began by helping to improve CEGENS’ infrastructure and equipment and are now focusing on developing their technical capacity to limit damage to these highly biodiverse regions. This work is currently being strengthened through a strategic partnership between FFI and United Nations Development Programme in Guinea for the management of the Nimba Biodiversity Project.

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