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The chronicles of Oryx: a history of conservation – part one (1903-1913)

This year, Fauna & Flora International (FFI) marks its 110th Anniversary. Over the next 12 months, FFI’s Elizabeth Allen will be searching through the archives, looking at how conservation has changed over the decades. She begins with the origins of FFI, and reflects on the utilitarian approach of early conservationists.

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“Fragile planet” – getting the right messages across

Posted on: 17.01.13 In: General, Africa & Madagascar, Marine

Conservationists often talk about “fragile ecosystems”, but just how fragile are they? Fauna & Flora International’s Mark Infield investigates, and asks whether “doom and gloom” messages are actually counter-productive…

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Oysters: the best ambassador of them all?

Posted on: 15.10.12 In: General, Marine

Whales, dolphins and tropical fish are all very well, but here Elizabeth Allen, Programme Officer for Conservation Partnerships at Fauna & Flora International, extols the virtues of the humble oyster, and reflects on its potency as a symbol for the relationship between mankind and the sea.

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Diving into Aceh’s ocean of knowledge

Posted on: 05.10.12 In: FFI Australia, Asia-Pacific & Australasia, Marine

The October 2012 issue of Oryx – The International Journal of Conservation, contains a collection of articles examining marine conservation in Aceh, Indonesia. In this blog Matthew Linkie, FFI’s Aceh Programme Manager, explains the processes involved in the creation of these six articles.

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Collaborating on the coast

Posted on: 13.09.12 In: General, Asia-Pacific & Australasia, Marine

Cambodia Country Manager Berry Mulligan grabs his camera and escapes his desk in Phnom Penh to visit the Fauna & Flora International (FFI) Aceh Programme and learn about locally-lead marine resource management.

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Taxi for turtle delivers hope for the future

Godwin Limberg spends his days working for Fauna & Flora International in Kalimantan and his nights, it would appear, running Murung Raya’s local wildlife rescue centre and saving small animals from a life less … alive

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Swimming with sharks

Posted on: 29.06.12 In: FFI Australia, Asia-Pacific & Australasia, Marine

Mike Forsdick jumped into the deep end when he joined the board of Fauna & Flora International Australia recently – and found himself diving with grey nurse sharks…

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In at the deep end

Posted on: 22.05.12 In: General, Eurasia, Marine

Edita Magileviciute has been tasked with developing Fauna & Flora International’s new marine programme in Eurasia. Here, she takes readers on a trip to Turkey, whose sparkling waters hide a multitude of problems.

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Helping turtles head in the right direction

Karen Winnick, a Board member for Fauna & Flora International in the United States, is the author and illustrator of children’s books and an avid supporter of wildlife conservation. Recently she joined US Executive Director Katie Frohardt on a visit to our turtle project in Nicaragua.

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Turtle power just as strong ten years on

Fauna & Flora International (FFI) US Executive Director Katie Frohardt has been championing conservation of sea turtles for a decade. Her first trip to Nicaragua was shared with some people who have become instrumental in the ongoing success of FFI’s turtle programme.

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