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Firecrackers, feathers and fowl play – when net profit results in gross loss

Posted on: 12.12.11 In: General, Asia-Pacific & Australasia

Travelling around Asia gives Stephen Browne, Fauna & Flora International’s Asia-Pacific Senior Programme Manager, time to think about the impact flying has on the world, and reports here an impact that is probably lesser known.

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Enlightened self interest – the bottom line for protected areas

Dr Mark Infield, Fauna & Flora International’s Director of Cultural Values & Conservation Programme, ponders the reality behind self-interest and local support of conservation.

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Chasing a phantom wolf

Posted on: 05.12.11 In: General, Eurasia

Gareth Goldthorpe, Fauna & Flora International’s Project Field Coordinator in Georgia, joins the field team for a week of trapping wolves and bears in eastern Georgia.

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Turtle power just as strong ten years on

Fauna & Flora International (FFI) US Executive Director Katie Frohardt has been championing conservation of sea turtles for a decade. Her first trip to Nicaragua was shared with some people who have become instrumental in the ongoing success of FFI’s turtle programme.

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I don’t eat turtle eggs – do you?

Gena Abarca, Environmental Education & Communication Coordinator with Fauna & Flora International Nicaragua recollects some personal highs – and lows – all in the line of raising awareness of turtles in Nicaragua.

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Coordination and communication: the secrets to effective community conservation

Posted on: 28.11.11 In: General, Africa & Madagascar

Fauna & Flora International’s Community Conservation Technical Advisor in the DRC, Samuel Boendi Lihamba, recently visited the United States for an International Seminar in Protected Area Management. Samuel shares his thoughts on his trip and his hope and vision for the future.

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All geckos great and small

Mark Infield blogs about the value of conserving species for oft-overlooked reasons…

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The environmental cost of your caffeine fix

Fuelled by a passion only a fellow coffee addict could fathom, Dr Stephen Browne, Fauna & Flora International’s Asia-Pacific Senior Programme Manager, gets a buzz from the most beautiful of brown brews.

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The Sea Turtler

Perla Torres, Turtle Nesting Beach Coordinator for Fauna & Flora International in Nicaragua, reflects on her experiences of marine turtle nesting beach conservation and monitoring.

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Convert or conserve? The key is in collaboration…

Posted on: 08.11.11 In: General, Asia-Pacific & Australasia

Now Conservation Partnerships Manager, Environmental Markets with Fauna & Flora International in the UK, Zoë Cullen spent two years working with communities to protect tigers and habitat in a remote area of Sumatra, Indonesia. She reflects on a project that is particularly close to her heart…

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