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Wild ass – no longer the butt of jokes

Tony Whitten, Regional Director at Fauna & Flora International and recipient of the Mongolian President’s Friendship Medal for his services to conservation, explains why recent biodiversity assessments in the Gobi desert gave him a sense of vindication and high hopes for the future.

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Youth: the next wave for change?

To mark World Oceans Day, Sarah Rakowski (Communications Officer at Fauna & Flora International) examines how youth engagement is shaping marine conservation efforts, and what this means for the future of our oceans.

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Tracking down new conservation heroes

In his role as Programme Manager for the Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP), Stuart Paterson has come across some pretty heroic characters. Here, he explains how the CLP’s learning exchanges help alumni share their superpowers.

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In at the deep end

Posted on: 22.05.12 In: General, Eurasia, Marine

Edita Magileviciute has been tasked with developing Fauna & Flora International’s new marine programme in Eurasia. Here, she takes readers on a trip to Turkey, whose sparkling waters hide a multitude of problems.

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More than just a tree hugger

To help raise awareness of the world’s threatened trees, Fauna & Flora International will be publishing a ‘Remarkable Trees’ series of blogs covering tales of some of our favourite arboreal species. Here, David Gill (Programme Officer for the Global Trees Campaign) plants the seed…

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The dynamic love life of the Iberian lynx

Posted on: 24.04.12 In: General, Eurasia

With an update from the Iberian Lynx breeding centre in Portugal, volunteer Sarah Havery describes the telltale signs of lynx courtship, and how it feels to welcome a new generation of the world’s rarest cat species.

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Lynx lineage lies with good breeding

Posted on: 23.01.12 In: General, Eurasia

Alex Rowell responded to a call from Fauna & Flora International, asking for voyeuristic volunteers to monitor lynx breeding in Portugal. Tour of duty complete, Alex blogs about his experience and what it will take to have lynx once again roaming the Iberian peninsula.

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Chasing a phantom wolf

Posted on: 05.12.11 In: General, Eurasia

Gareth Goldthorpe, Fauna & Flora International’s Project Field Coordinator in Georgia, joins the field team for a week of trapping wolves and bears in eastern Georgia.

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Kyrgyzstan – the spirit of the place

Posted on: 06.09.11 In: Eurasia

Fauna & Flora International’s Director of Development & Communications, Chris Greenwood, thinks about Kyrgyzstan a lot. Here he illustrates some of those thoughts with photographs showing a glimpse of how beautiful the country really is.

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Transylvania – the hidden wild treasure of the Carpathian Mountains

Posted on: 21.06.11 In: General, Eurasia

Paul Hotham, Fauna & Flora International’s Eurasia Regional Director, reveals the truth behind the myth of this beautiful region of Romania…

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