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Without ecology there is no economy

Fauna & Flora International’s Helen Nyul and David Wright explore the need to value nature following the inaugural World Forum on Natural Capital

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Sowing the seeds for forest restoration in Cambodia

Reforestation Specialist Arnaud Guidal reflects on the challenges and successes of returning degraded lands back to their natural state

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There’s something exciting happening above the Gobi Desert

Last August, Fauna & Flora International posted a blog by Asia-Pacific Regional Director, Dr Tony Whitten, on our work in Mongolia. Here, Tony gives an update on an exciting new survey now underway over the Gobi Desert.

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Biodiversity offsets: playing with matches?

Posted on: 18.04.13 In: General, Business & Biodiversity, Mining & Energy

A few weeks ago, Fauna & Flora International (FFI) held an internal workshop in Cambridge on the controversial topic of biodiversity offsetting. Joe Bull, a Phd candidate studying offsets in Uzbekistan with part funding from FFI, presented at the workshop and shares about the experience.

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Setting an offsetting example

Fauna & Flora International (FFI) is assisting Rio Tinto’s Richards Bay Minerals mine to meet its commitment of Net Positive Impact on biodiversity. Angela Hawdon describes how the project is bringing a range of stakeholders together to identify and protect this wonderful Coastal Dune Forest habitat.

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Conservation in New Zealand’s changing landscape

As the Hobbit reaches British cinemas, Pippa Howard shares her views about how the breathtaking and biodiverse landscapes of New Zealand are changing.

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Are we rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic, or can we avoid the iceberg?

Anna Lyons describes three recent events that have underlined the importance and urgency of scaling up responsible business practices, and argues that Singapore may be rising as a centre for sustainable action.

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Mining copper amid glaciers in the Chilean Andes

Posted on: 01.11.12 In: General, Americas, Business & Biodiversity

While in transit on her way back from a trip to Chile with Anglo American, Pippa Howard shares her reflections on the importance of sustainable water management high in the Andes Mountains. Mining, agriculture and people’s livelihoods all depend on the fresh water that cycles through the alpine wetlands.

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Who loves creepy-crawlies?

Eighteen years ago, Fauna & Flora International’s Dr Tony Whitten first learned about a serious threat to the Hon Chong hills in Vietnam, which are home to many rare and endemic species. Here he shares his thoughts on the news story, which has finally broken.

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Wild ass – no longer the butt of jokes

Tony Whitten, Regional Director at Fauna & Flora International and recipient of the Mongolian President’s Friendship Medal for his services to conservation, explains why recent biodiversity assessments in the Gobi desert gave him a sense of vindication and high hopes for the future.

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