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Just keep breathing – learning to dive in Myanmar

Posted on: 07.01.14 In: Asia-Pacific & Australasia, General

Representatives from local government and staff from the Fauna & Flora International (FFI) Myanmar team recently faced their fears and learned to dive, forming the country’s first underwater survey team. Zau Lunn, FFI’s Marine and Coastal Programme Coordinator, recounts his experiences…

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Facing the global energy crisis: why it is vital we conserve biodiversity

Posted on: 02.01.14 In: Business & Biodiversity, Mining & Energy

Fauna & Flora International’s Pippa Howard and Kristi Foster break down the divide between the energy crisis and biodiversity loss – and explain what we’re doing about it.

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Without ecology there is no economy

Fauna & Flora International’s Helen Nyul and David Wright explore the need to value nature following the inaugural World Forum on Natural Capital

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Searching for gibbons is no walk in the park

Posted on: 17.12.13 In: Asia-Pacific & Australasia

Jeremy Parker not only talks the talk, but walks the walk too, as he joins his Fauna & Flora International colleagues in Vietnam on a gruelling hike way, way up into Tu Sua mountain…

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Variety is the spice of life – biodiversity in the Cardamom Mountains

Posted on: 11.12.13 In: Asia-Pacific & Australasia, General

Biologist and photographer Jeremy Holden takes us on a journey to Cambodia’s Cardamom Mountains – an area of incredible, and in many cases unique, biodiversity…

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How does it feel to meet a wild gorilla?

Posted on: 10.12.13 In: Africa & Madagascar, General

Fauna & Flora International’s Dr Chloe Hodgkinson and Dr Ros Aveling describe how it feels to encounter a mountain gorilla in the wild, and explain why it is so important to conserve these magnificent animals.

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Name that gibbon – cultivating conservation through name games

Posted on: 03.12.13 In: Asia-Pacific & Australasia, General

Wu Huiying from Fauna & Flora International in China tells how a simple name game could turn out to be a game changer for gibbon conservation…

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The problems of unwelcome nature

Posted on: 22.11.13 In: Asia-Pacific & Australasia, General

With cockroaches in the kitchen and elephants in the garden, biologist and photographer Jeremy Holden considers the implications of uninvited guests…

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Tales of tree conservation

Posted on: 15.11.13 In: General, Remarkable Trees

As the Global Trees Campaign celebrates the launch of its new website, the partnership team share a few stories describing some of their successes and challenges.

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Encounter with a leopard seal

Posted on: 12.11.13 In: Climate Change, FFI Australia, General, Marine

Wildlife photographer and field biologist Jeremy Holden reflects on some close calls and wonders why humans are so rarely victimised by animals…

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