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Notes from the field – the Philippines

Posted on: 23.08.11 In: Asia-Pacific & Australasia

Rachel Austin, Fauna & Flora International’s Marine Programme Manager, recently wrote an article for FFI’s Update publication on the Philippines programme. Here is the full version.

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Communities are the essential conservation ingredient

Posted on: 16.08.11 In: Asia-Pacific & Australasia, FFI Australia

Angela Hawdon, Corporate Partnership Manager with Fauna & Flora International, blogs on her recent, very colourful visit to Kalimantan.

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A damming issue: experiencing the complex problems of hydro-electricity in Cambodia.

Posted on: 12.08.11 In: Asia-Pacific & Australasia

In the second part of his blog about hydro-electric dams in Cambodia, Dr Stephen Browne writes about his recent visit to the Stung Atay Dam construction site where he experiences first-hand the interrelated issues associated with hydro-electric dams in Cambodia.

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Why a man dressed as a gorilla took part in an environmental cycle

Posted on: 11.08.11 In: General

Rob Harris, Fauna & Flora International’s Projects Officer for Asia-Pacific, on his recent sponsored bicycle ride, complete with his trademark fancy dress costume

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Back home in the DRC after 11 years

Posted on: 09.08.11 In: Africa & Madagascar, General

Thalia Liokatis, Fauna & Flora International’s Programme Coordinator for the Democratic Republic of Congo, blogs about her recent return to her country of birth.

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Damn Dams? The dilemma of producing clean renewable electricity while considering social and environmental issues

Posted on: 05.08.11 In: Asia-Pacific & Australasia, General

The numerous hydro-electric dams planned for the Cardamom Mountains have been troubling Fauna & Flora International in Cambodia for many years. A recent opportunity to visit the dam construction on the Stung Atay (the Atay River) allowed Dr Stephen Browne, Asia Pacific Senior Programme Manager to experience the multi-faceted issues first hand.

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Searching for gibbons in the Heart of Borneo

Posted on: 02.08.11 In: Asia-Pacific & Australasia, FFI Australia

Fauna & Flora International’s Ally Catterick headed into the forests of Kalimantan to see what all the noise was about…

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Cutting through the REDD tape of our first forest audit

With the heat turned up on the voluntary carbon market, Zoe Ryan blogs about the huge implications of the auditing process of the Danau Siawan peat swamp forest REDD project in Kalimantan…

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Alive and well – for now: Visiting Namibia’s uranium and biodiversity-rich desert

Fauna & Flora International’s Rio Tinto Partnership Manager David Wright recalls his recent trip to help Namibia find the balance between conservation and mining.

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Biodiversity and Palm Oil – A Pressing Issue

Fauna & Flora International’s Agribusiness Programme Manager Anna Lyons ponders the main challenges the organisation faces when it comes to palm oil and how we are overcoming them.

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