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Lynx lineage lies with good breeding

Posted on: 23.01.12 In: Eurasia, General

Alex Rowell responded to a call from Fauna & Flora International, asking for voyeuristic volunteers to monitor lynx breeding in Portugal. Tour of duty complete, Alex blogs about his experience and what it will take to have lynx once again roaming the Iberian peninsula.

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We work the black seam together – the sting of energy impact

Posted on: 19.01.12 In: Business & Biodiversity, General

Michelle Pfaffenthaler, technical advisor for Fauna & Flora International’s Business & Biodiversity programme, blogs about the demand for coal and the alternatives to fuel the world’s insatiable energy requirements.

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Water, water everywhere and every drop to drink

Stephen Browne, Senior Programme Manager with Fauna & Flora International’s Asia-Pacific team, ponders payment for providing a cool glass of H2O.

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Photographing the Myanmar snub-nosed monkey

Posted on: 10.01.12 In: Asia-Pacific & Australasia, General

Wildlife photographer and field biologist Jeremy Holden led the camera trapping team responsible for the first ever photos of the latest large mammal to be discovered, the Myanmar snub-nosed monkey.

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Chilli chocolate, cool capuchins and a changing climate

Posted on: 06.01.12 In: Americas, General

Helen Schneider, FFI’s Programme Director, Conservation, Livelihoods and Governance, takes a journey to Central America to explore how we can work in a changing climate.

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Food for thought – the magnificent markets of Asia

Posted on: 19.12.11 In: Asia-Pacific & Australasia, General

Anna Lyons, programme manager with Fauna & Flora International’s Business & Biodiversity team, curries favour – or is that flavour – and gets fanciful with foodie thoughts…

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Photo gallery – Ten years of turtle conservation in Nicaragua

Over recent months we have been celebrating the 10th anniversary of Fauna & Flora International’s Turtle Conservation Programme in Nicaragua. We hope you’ve enjoyed the peek inside the daily workings of one of our benchmark conservation programmes. There’s still more to come, but this week, we thought we’d take you on a pictorial journey through the last 10 years. Alison Gunn, FFI’s Programme Manager, Americas & Caribbean, has unearthed some classic moments from the archives. We hope you enjoy!

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Firecrackers, feathers and fowl play – when net profit results in gross loss

Posted on: 12.12.11 In: Asia-Pacific & Australasia, General

Travelling around Asia gives Stephen Browne, Fauna & Flora International’s Asia-Pacific Senior Programme Manager, time to think about the impact flying has on the world, and reports here an impact that is probably lesser known.

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Enlightened self interest – the bottom line for protected areas

Dr Mark Infield, Fauna & Flora International’s Director of Cultural Values & Conservation Programme, ponders the reality behind self-interest and local support of conservation.

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Chasing a phantom wolf

Posted on: 05.12.11 In: Eurasia, General

Gareth Goldthorpe, Fauna & Flora International’s Project Field Coordinator in Georgia, joins the field team for a week of trapping wolves and bears in eastern Georgia.

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